• BX181A is equipped with a power amplifier (MosFet, class AB) designed around an innovative driver stage that guarantees the lowest possible distortion, while providing excellent dynamic and tonal performance. It delivers a total output power of 1200 watts.
  • D.E.Co (Dynamic EQ. Controller): sophisticated speaker protection circuit.
  • Internal stereo electronic cross-over that may be bypassed for wide-band use.
  • 132 dB max SPL.
  • BX181A is equipped with a 18″ woofer – custom designed to Montarbo specifications – featuring neodymium alloy magnet and light-alloy die-cast frame, which ensure significant weight reduction.
  • The cabinet is built with birch multiply and painted with black, heavy duty, antscratch paint; it is fitted with side handles and adaptor for satellyte supporting pole SM4 (optional accessory).
  • The front side is protected by a strong, powder coated, metal grille.

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