• 5-year warranty on all Gravity products.
  • Stands and accessories for stage and studio use.
  • Professional functionality with innovative details.
  • Designed and engineered in Germany.
  • Ultra durable construction, built to last.
  • High strength precision tubing and die-cast zinc components.
  • Soft touch rubber-coated clamps and knobs.
  • Double injection molded adjustment knobs.
  • Replaceable rubber marker rings for colour coding and personalizing your stand.

Built for durability and longevity, Gravity products are constructed from premium quality materials, such as heavy duty aluminum and steel, tough die cast zinc and hardwearing thermoplastics.

In the unlikely event that the strains of stage and studio use take their toll, we offer a comprehensive selection of original replacement parts.

Gravity replacement parts are field serviceable enabling easy repair to extend the life of your Gravity product and provide an eco-friendly alternative to the planned obsolescence of throwaway designs.


At Gravity, we believe that stands are more than just accessories. Ultimately, they are part of the show. That‘s why we build them for heavy duty use and easy, ergonomic handling. But we also opted for a stylish look that sets them apart from dime-a-dozen stands and makes a strong visual statement.

Gravity products feature our unique sheen green „G“ rings that are replaceable in seconds. Available in a variety of attractive colours, you can now customize yourstands with additional ring packs and match them to your show‘s visuals, music genre or personal preference.

What‘s more, the smart „G“ ring concept provides convenient colour coding to indicate a stand‘s intended purpose, placement on stage or the performer to use it. Just pick your colours to add style and distinction to your stands, or choose vanta black „G“ rings for a classic, discreet look. These are included with most Gravity products.


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  1. شهریار

    با سلام
    مردم به خودشون زحمت نمیدن پیام بدن قیمت بپرسن، معمولا از جایی خرید میکنن که قیمت نوشته باشه، طبیعیه فروشتون به صفر برسه

  2. MohammadAli

    سلام و درود وقت بخیر! معذرت میخوام قیمت لطفا؟و اینکه این قابلیت چرخش هم داره؟

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