• The lightweight miniature profile provides minimal physical size interference for the performer
  • Spring type clamp with elastic grip and adjustable gooseneck for secure mounting on the horn without scratching or marring delicate instrument finishes
  • Clip on design allows optimal placement position thereby eliminating the use of mic stands, reducing stage clutter and set up time
  • Outstanding for saxophone, brass, woodwind instruments
  • Extended frequency response and wide dynamic range for pure and natural sound without coloration
  • Excellent shock-mount design for superior isolation from shock and vibrations
  • Flexible gooseneck together with adjustable axis allows accurate positioning
  • Newly added spider suspension isolates unwanted mechanical vibration effectively

The JTS CX-508 Miniature clip on condenser microphone is designed for the miking of brass and woodwind instruments. Its flat response with a slight presence peak in the upper frequencies ensures natural and bright reproduction without coloration.

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