• Power handling: 200W/8 Ω
  • 121 dB max spl.
  • 8″ high-efficiency wide excursion woofer with 2″ voice coil.
  • 1″ compression driver with 1″ voice coil.
  • 90° x 60° constant directivity horn integrated in the shape of the cabinet.
  • Equipped with a sophisticated passive crossover-controller circuitry that results in better response linearity and speaker protection.
  • The cabinet, made from injection molded polypropylene, is equipped with a steel protection grid and two threaded inserts (M8).
  • Recessed carrying handle, stand adaptor with safety lock, mating feet and cavities for safe cabinet stacking, and low turbulence tuning ports are all built into the cabinet.
  • Multi-angled cabinet design, allowing for either vertical (P.A) or horizontal (stage monitor) installation.

اطلاعات بیشتر

آمپلی فایر

سایز ووفر

سایز تویتر

نهایت توان خروجی

حداکثر SPL

زاویه تحت پوشش افقی

90 درجه

زاویه تحت پوشش عمودی

60 درجه


جنس بدنه